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So – you want to connect to the internet?

3G is just one of the options available to you , so you want to explore every avenue before you buy something that doesn’t work how you wanted. See our section on available internet connection types and their properties. If you are not really sure about what 3G is exactly – see our page : 3G Explained

Some great things about 3G are :

  • Its easy to setup and use – a moron can do it. If not , the morons at the cellular provider help desk can assist you – because its just that easy.
  • Its quick. Some towers (from Vodacom and MTN) now provide 7.2Mbps download speed and 2.0Mbps upload speed
  • Its mobile. Most areas in SA have coverage – and you can move about as you please.
  • Its easy to change the internet connection over to another computer. You just rip the modem out and plug it in somewhere else.

Some not so great things are :

  • Latency on a 3G link is quite high. This will only really affect you if you are an online gamer or if you are a tech professional who uses “chatty” protocols. If you don’t know what this means – don’t worry. If , however , this concerns you , your only real alternative is a Wi-Fi or ADSL link.

What you’ll need to connect to the internet through 3G :

  • A 3G Modem (which , surprise surprise , can be purchased from our 3G modem shop , at a very reasonable price )
  • A Prepaid SIM (If you buy a modem from us , a starter pack with a SIM is included (your choice of MTN or Vodacom)
  • Airtime (You know the drill here – head down to your local shop and ask for it – then load it onto the SIM)
  • A Data bundle. (Optional , but buying a bunch of data up front means you pay a lot less per meg. See 3G explained for more details.

Here's how the process goes :

  1. Buy a modem , either from us :-) .. or someone else :-(
  2. Buy a prepaid SIM card.
  3. Buy some airtime and load it onto the SIM
  4. Convert that airtime into a data bundle
  5. Install the modem (about 5 minutes)
  6. Click connect , and you're online!