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Modem Firmware and Dashboards

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file icon Vodafone K4505 Dashboardhot!Tooltip 09/27/2010 Hits: 11955

This is the generic Huawei dashboard for the Vodafone K3765 and Vodafone K4505.

You run the program after installing Vodafone Mobile Connect. It will upgrade the firmware on your Modem.

Once this is done , you will then be able to uninstall the Vodafone software and install the new Huawei Mobile Partner from the sticks autoplay.

This is the Option dashboard upgrade for the Vodafone k3520-z only. Use it to flash the Option dash to the USB stick. Unzip and then run the execuatable.


This is the Huawei Mobile Partner software for the Vodafone E270 USB Modem. You run the executable with the modem plugged in and drivers installed. It picks up the modem and replaces the Vodafone Mobile Connect software which is embedded by default.

Benefits :

  • The E270 can then be used on all networks

Downsides :

  • The software needs configuration once installed to get it to work with your chosen network.
file icon Vodafone E220 USB Modemhot!Tooltip 04/12/2010 Hits: 6745

This is the Huawei Mobile Partner firmware update tool for the Vodafone / Huawei E220 USB 3G Modem.

This file will update the firmware of your Option Icon 505 device. Some of the benefits of updating are :

  • New dashboard software - Ican Connect
  • Compatibility with Windows 7

If you are experiencing issues with your modem , then an update is advised.

Unzip the execuatable file and make sure the modem is plugged in before you run it. This will upgrade the firmware of the modem and install the Huawei Mobile Partner Dash on it.

file icon Huawei E5832 Generic Upgradehot!Tooltip 08/17/2011 Hits: 1828

This is the firmware flash utility to upgrade the Huawei E5832 from its stock firmware to a generic version. This should fix a few minor bugs.

file icon Huawei E172 Dashboardhot!Tooltip 12/02/2009 Hits: 4044

This is the Huawei Mobile Partner Software for the Huawei E170/ Vodafone E172 USB 3G modems - released in October 2008.

file icon Huawei D100 Dashboard Upgradehot!Tooltip 11/18/2010 Hits: 1570

This is the generic Huawei firmware for the Huawei D100 router. Download and double click the executable to begin the upgrade. Make sure your computer is connected to the router and is picking up a DHCP address.